Blog Update #1

As I have just posted 2 reviews, and not really explained what I am trying to achieve through doing so, I thought that I would write this quick blog post just giving a bit of info regarding my life and work – outside of gaming.

I grew up in the UK but have moved out to Australia to pursue a career in geology, the kind that involves working remotely while searching for mineral deposits. I have always been passionate about gaming, with my love for Nintendo coming from the N64 era – where the hook of multiplayer gaming along with that Nintendo charm really paved my gaming future. I won’t forget the countless hours playing Perfect Dark in Co-op and 4 player split screen, the madness of Diddy Kong Racing or the wonderful charm that came with Mario 64, Ocarina of Time and Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Playing the amazing Super Mario 64, a game with many memories for me.

This moved forward into the GameCube era, seamlessly for me at least. I haven’t looked back, and I still own many of the classic games I played back then so I can relive some of those moments when I get an opportunity.

My career has meant that I have had to focus on many other things, I work remotely with no internet connection to game with, or people to play multiplayer games with – so I have taken to Nintendo’s handheld systems to continue my passion for gaming.

Me, at work! (In the yellow)

I get a plane to a mine site for 9 days at a time, with the next 5 spent at home. I have all of my systems hooked up, ready to go at home. So on the off-chance I get some time I can quickly jump into a game.

My ever expanding game collection, all ready to be played!

My guilty pleasure at the time of writing is PUBG on PC, I have a friend who lives down the road and we usually play that together if we sync our work breaks together. So Nintendo is honestly my “working away” form of gaming, I have a TV so I can take a retro console if I feel the need but otherwise I stick to my 3DS and now my Switch.

Outside of work I have a wife and child, they keep me honest and when considering the time consumption of playing and reviewing games, I have to be realistic about what I can achieve. I probably play games from somewhere between 5-10 hours a week, so I often buy games and never fully complete them before the next one is out (unless it really captures me). I am happy with that, as long as I enjoy the gaming experience. That’s where reviews come in, because – from a personal view – I think that a lot of reviews are getting a bit phoned in, especially on Nintendo systems. They lack a critical element that seems properly founded, now I am not saying that my first 2 reviews are any good in this aspect, but I look for a review that tells me a story and inspires me to buy something. It can be simple, such as a feeling or an experience with another, but it means you can possibly feel the same or similar things when playing it yourself. I find that compelling. It may not work out in that way but at least it’s a different way to look at a review other than resolution and framerate.

Those first 2 reviews I wrote were fun to do, and it flowed unexpectedly rapidly. I would say it took me 5 hours or so to write each of them. So if you take into account my 5-10 hour a week game-time, getting 1-2 reviews done each month will make me happy and be a realistic target. I still want to play games, and if I feel that it’s a game worth reviewing then I will. Bigger games – such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – will probably require too much work for me to feasibly do, so it’ll likely be smaller games while I find my feet. For the larger titles, I may write about an experience I had within the game – a snippet of some sort that could help with someone’s decision making… I’m not sure. I also want to write a few retro game reviews, stuff I have replayed in the last few years which could be interesting.

So anyway, that’s me right now. I’m not pursuing a career in this. But rather sharing experiences in the form of reviews. I know these two, and probably the next few, will follow a formulaic structure. But I will aim to develop my writing skills a bit more before branching them out into something else. We shall see.

If you read this, thanks for having a look at my blog and happy gaming!


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