Overcooked! 2 (Review)

Picture an absurd scene – a kitchen located within old mine workings, crystalline ore hanging out of the rock faces, bottomless edges next to sinks and workbenches, and a cooking station that rotates on an old train line turntable. Your task is to make burgers – it seems so simple, yet your surrounds are so … Continue reading Overcooked! 2 (Review)

Blog Update #1

As I have just posted 2 reviews, and not really explained what I am trying to achieve through doing so, I thought that I would write this quick blog post just giving a bit of info regarding my life and work – outside of gaming. I grew up in the UK but have moved out … Continue reading Blog Update #1

Doom for Nintendo Switch (Review)

INTRODUCTION When Doom (2016) for Nintendo Switch was announced, many thought it would be the “impossible port” and wouldn’t do the original game justice. Many hours into the campaign, I became aware that Panic Button (the company tasked with porting the game to Switch) had “achieved the impossible” and created a faithful representation of Doom … Continue reading Doom for Nintendo Switch (Review)